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Texas College Bridge Prep Courses Available to VISD Students

Texas College Bridge is a free program for high school juniors and seniors. Students are invited to take online, individualized college prep courses with a teacher facilitator.

Students who enter college without meeting the college-readiness standard on the ACT, SAT, or TSIA are required to pay for and take developmental courses that do not count for college credit. Completing a college prep course, such as Texas College Bridge, will be accepted by colleges that have partnered with Texas College Bridge, and courses completed will show on student high school transcripts. Students and parents can see what colleges accept Texas College Bridge by visiting

“The disruptions in learning that resulted from COVID-19 have had a profound, negative impact on college readiness for Texas students,” said VISD's Director of Counseling Brandi Henke. “Texas College Bridge provides free options to help high school students become college-ready.” 

Texas College Bridge course candidates include:

  • Junior or seniors who do not have ACT, SAT, or TSIA assessment data,
  • Seniors who tested and did not meet college-readiness benchmarks in either ELAR or Math, and
  • Juniors and seniors who completed Algebra II or who are taking it currently.

Students will be invited to participate; postcards will be sent to eligible students. The deadline to register is January 17, 2021, with courses starting January 25, 2021. All courses will need to be completed by April 16, 2021.

Students who are eligible and would like to participate can register by filling out

Texas College Bridge prep courses will be held through required Teams meetings weekly for progress monitoring and intervention with the teacher facilitator. Students will complete course work online outside of the regular school day.