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VISD teacher’s DonorsChoose project funded

Heading into the new school year, parents, students, and teachers are working together to get the supplies needed for the year. A Victoria ISD teacher had her DonorsChoose project fully funded Tuesday, July 13.

Stacie Salinas, science teacher at Victoria West High School, submitted her project “Classroom Supplies Help Students Thrive” at the beginning of the month, asking donors to contribute towards essential classroom supplies needed throughout the school year. 

Donors’ contributions went towards supplies including pens, glue sticks, correction tape, permanent markers, sticky notes, laminate pouches, magnets, a rolling cart, staplers, and staples. The total cost of supplies valued over $400.

“My hope is that my students will be able to utilize these resources in completing their interactive notebooks, projects, labs, and small group activities,” Salinas said. “I want to thank my donors for supporting my students and me; I am beyond grateful for the impact my donors will have on all my classes this school year.”

Many teachers within VISD have active DonorsChoose projects. To donate to a VISD teacher’s project, visit, and search for the school, teacher, or project you would like to donate to.

About DonorsChoose

DonorsChoose, founded in 2000, is a nonprofit organization allowing individuals to donate directly to public school classroom projects of their choice. The organization enables teachers to request supplies and other resources to a public network where donors can choose what projects they want to support. DonorsChoose is open to all public and public charter schools in the U.S., including GED and pre-k programs. For more information about DonorsChoose, visit their About Us page.