Victoria East High School

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Officers/Executive Committee

“I do promise to serve others, to search for truth, to utilize knowledge, and to seek wisdom through the pursuit of academic excellence in the Social Studies. I promise service to Victoria East High School and to the community of Victoria, for true scholars of the Social Studies lead by example.”
2019-2020 Officers
  • President: Lyna Ong
  • Vice President: Julie Diebel
  • Secretary: Margaret Liu
  • Treasurer: Teagan Wertman
  • Communications Officer: Lizette Tavares
  • Historian: Karina Flores
Officer Position Details
  • The President shall be chief executive officer of the chapter. He or she shall preside at all meetings and other business sessions, and it shall be the duty of the President to direct the activities of the organization.
  • The Vice President shall perform duties of the President at times when the President is absent, and shall also serve as Event and Program Chairman.
  • The Secretary shall keep an accurate record of all charter proceedings and certify the name of all new members. It shall be the duty of the Secretary to work with the Faculty Admissions Committee and to inform prospective members of their acceptance into or denial from the chapter.
  • The Treasurer shall handle all money belonging to the chapter and shall maintain an accurate record of financial transactions. It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to provide a quarterly report (the end of each nine weeks) of the chapter's finances to both the Faculty Sponsor and the VEHS Bookkeeper.
  • The Communications Officer shall provide the Principal, the VEHS Journalism Department (Hyperion Herald, Titans Radio, Afternoon Announcements, the VEHS Marquee, etc...), and at times the Victoria Advocate with information about the chapter and it's service projects. It shall be the duty of the Communications Officer to prepare news releases from time to time to keep the school and the surrounding community up to date with chapter sponsored activities.
  • The Historian shall keep an ongoing chronicle of the chapter's activities for the sake of posterity. It shall be the duty of the Historian to work with the Faculty Sponsor to ensure pictures are posted in the "Photo Album" on the chapter's webpage.