Victoria East High School

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Lady Titan Track

2019 Track Season
 2018 Track Season
o Students are able to access their Remote learning classes at any time of the day. The sample schedule sent in the mail was just recommended how to plan out your day. You do not have to appear at a certain class at a certain time, but check in with each class, each day for daily learning opportunity.
• If a teacher has a live required session, then that video will be recorded and saved for you to view at a later time. If it is optional tutorial live chat, the teacher does not have to record it.
o Teacher office hours will be 9-11 and 1-3. If you need help in a class, your teacher will be available during these office hours.
o If you need help outside of these office hours, you should message your teacher via Teams or email with your problem/question. They will reply the next school day.
o Each core subject class (Math, English, Science, Social Studies) will provide a 30-minute learning opportunity each day, Monday – Friday.
o All other subjects will provide a 20-minute learning opportunity each day, Monday – Friday.
o Only 1 assignment will be graded per week in each class, in the formative grade category.
• If you need to speak to a counselor/assistant principal: