Victoria East High School

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Congratulations to Mr. Edge on becoming the Fine Arts Director for Victoria ISD! 
Members of the Week!
Week 1:
Thomas Hernandez
Jazlynn Rodriguez
Week 2:
Donovan Garcia
Alicia Huerta
Week 3:
Color Guard
Akshay Muddam
Sally Mott
Week 4:
Nicholas Fikac
Lyna Ong
Week 5:
Heirberto Hernandez
Karlyssa Ellis
Week 6:
Evan Jimenez
Week 7:
Loading Crew
Christian Hernandez
Aubrielle Garza
Week 8:
Uniform Crew
Jennifer Guerrero
Mandy Ceballos
Week 9:
The Woodwinds
Naomi Flores

Thank you Parents for a great job at UIL Solo & Ensemble!!


Congrats to all of the 1st Divisions and the following students going to State!!



Eric Alaniz
Michael Avila
Kristen Balentine
Daniel Bast
Braydon Beckner
Grant Biles
Delaney Billo
Erin Botello
Ashanti Bryant
Darren Cano
Jackson Crow
Jared Garcia
Maricelica Garza
Sammantha Garza
Marky Gaytan
Isaac Gonzales
Zane Hamilton
Devin Handy
Adrian Hernandez
Cameryn Leonard
Joaquin Lopez
Eddie Martinez
Tay'a Ramey
Liana Ramirez
Ivan Rocha
Paul Sereethanawong
Diana Tran
Jordan Vargas



Band Member of the Week                         Section of the Week                       Color Guard Member of the Week

Mason Martinez                                            Flutes                                                Alicia Huerta

Sesilie Garza                                                  Front Ensemble                               Elizabeth Rodriguez

Paul Sereethanawong                              Saxophones                                 Luci Guevara

Zane Hamilton                                          Color Guard                                 Raquel Garcia

Eric Alaniz                                                 Mellophones                                Dani Salazar

Roy Perez                                                 Clarinets                                      Brisa Molina

Braydon Beckner                                      Trombones                                  Maria Huerta

Caleb Ramirez                                          Baritones

Callie Voss                                                      Tubas


Congrats to the UIL State Solo & Ensemble Medal Winners!

Erin Botello
Leslie Freeman
Claudia Martinez
Diana Tran
Mia Vasquez


Awesome Trip to New York over Spring Break!!! It was inspiring, emotional, historical and amazing!!! Thank you Band!!!



Way to go Color Guards.  The JV brought home a 1st place trophy and the Varsity placed 3rd in the Regional Competition.


Way to go Band! 62 medals awarded to our students at UIL Solo & Ensemble!! 25 students advance to State!!!


Congrats to the following students earning a chair in the TMEA Region Band and 2 Advancing to AREA!!


Ben Biles

Sjon Cano

Jared Garcia (Advancing)

Mollye Joslyn

Joaquin Lopez (Advancing)


Congratulations to all of the band students from VEHS who qualified to attend the TMEA District Band Tryouts!   After doing an amazing performance at the Veterans Parade Friday morning, the band students then traveled to San Antonio to perform at the amazing Titan Football game Friday night. The students then got 3 hours of sleep and traveled to Corpus Christi on Saturday morning to begin the Texas All State Band tryout process. 21 students were blessed to earn a District Patch and 11 have now qualified for the next round. The district students are:


Mackenzie Aguilar (Advancing)

Daniel Bast

Ben Biles (Advancing)

Erin Botello

Ashanti Bryant (Advancing)

Sjon Cano (Advancing)

William Conway (Advancing)

Jackson Crow

Jared Garcia (Advancing)

Maude Garza

Isaac Gonzales (Advancing)

Nicholas Gonzalez (Advancing)

Nicole Harp

Adrian Hernandez

Mollye Joslyn (Advancing)

Joaquin Lopez (Advancing)

Cole Milner

Jacob Murillo (Advancing)

Kathy Pham

Tay'a Ramey

Cameron Smolik

Abel Zubieta


Band Member of the Week                    Color Guard Member of the Week                    Section of the Week
Camryn Leonard                                       Jayla Akin                                                                Saxophones
Tyren Buckner                                           Luci Guevara                                                           Trombones
Sammantha Garza                                   Vanessa Vazquez                                                   Front Ensemble
Kiersten Cerny                                          Isabella Ikonomos                                                  Color Guard
Austin Rankin                                           Officer Line                                                              Flutes
Julianna Rosales                                      Marina Rivas                                                           Drum Line
Leslie Freeman                                         Josline Duran                                                         Trumpets
Kyle Yang                                                  Alex Cardozo                                                          Baritones