Victoria East High School

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2019-2020 Titan Choir Student Leadership

President - Lazaro Perez
Vice President - Paula Swanson
Uniform Manager/ Librarian - Lyna Ong
Social Chair - Mallory Perez
Section Leaders:
Soprano - Rachael Kenney
Alto - Krystal Castillo
Men - Lazaro Perez

Mission and Purpose:

A primary goal of the Victoria East HS Choral Department is to foster student leaders. In cooperation with Mr. Bonner, the Student Leaders play an important role in the success of our ensembles. We take these positions very seriously and want only the best students in positions of leadership. The Choir Officers should serve as examples to all students in the department through their daily actions, rehearsal etiquette, attitude, and involvement in the program whether they are on or off campus.


First and foremost it is expected that leaders in the Victoria East HS Choir embody the ideals of our program:

Responsibility: through punctuality, following through with commitments, communicating with the director and students, delivering information to parents, and making a noticeable effort to improve musical skills and learn repertoire.

Professionalism: By displaying self-discipline, working well with others, having an attitude of respect for the director, other school staff and fellow students, presenting a positive image for the organization, and displaying the qualities of a professional musician.

Dignity: by using appropriate language and etiquette in class and on social media, displaying self-motivation in rehearsal and in their school courses.

Integrity: through honesty with the director and other students, regular attendance at school and out of school rehearsals and events.

Compassion: through sensitivity and acceptance of diversity, displaying kindness and encouragement to peers, and showing sympathy for others.


Choir Officers:

President: The Choir President serves as coordinator of Student Officers and public liaison for the choir department and is responsible for scheduling and planning regular officer meetings, coordinating choir officer functions, and assisting the Choir Director with daily warm ups, sectionals, and other duties as needed.


Vice President: The Choir Vice President will coordinate the Big Brother/ Big Sister Program, plan the Choir Banquet, and assist the Choir Director and President in all activities. Keyboard skills preferred to assist in warmups. The Vice President will lead in the president's absence.


Uniform Manager/ Librarian: The Uniform Manager/ Librarian will assist in maintaining the inventory of the Choir Department. This position requires time after school to assist with music and uniform check-in and checkout throughout the year. This position will also assist the other positions as needed.


Social Chair: The Social Chair should always be equipped with a camera and ready to catch the awesome events in the Choir Department throughout the year. This person should work to coordinate a team of photographers to upload APPROVED content to our social media outlets. The Social Chair is responsible for putting together the scrapbook and end of the year slide show for the Choir Banquet. In addition, the Social Chair will coordinate team building activities, social events, and celebrations.


Section Leaders: Each voice section will have 1 section leader who will ensure their section is prepared daily with their required materials, lead sectionals, and administer singing tests on musical concepts or sections of the music being learned. Section Leaders will also assist with attendance.

1st - Prelude
2nd - at SMS and HMS
3rd - at SMS and HMS
4th - at SMS and HMS
5th - Cantus
6th - Bella Voce
7th Period - Prelude
Tuesday and Wednesday
3:05 - 3:30 and as scheduled