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King Stag

A Comedy


Stanley Vincent Longman

From the Play


Carlo Gozzi


Produced by special arrangement with FAMILY PLAYS of Woodstock, Illinois




Arlechinno                                    Mackenzie Aguilar

Durandarte                                   Alena Perreault

Brighella                                       Valerie Espinoza

Smeraldina                                   Paula Swanson

Statue                                           Jozlyn Garcia

Tartaglia                                        Thomas Hernandez

King Deramo                                 Carolyn Conway

Leandro                                         Alejandro Mendez

Clarice                                           Tesla Tordt

Pantalone                                      Bella Moulton

Angela                                           Cailyn Morin

Capitano                                        Isabella Rosales

Cric                                                Charlie Crow

Crac                                               Aaron Kocian

Bear Sprite                                    Jesse Vasquez

Unicorn Sprite                                Laney Atkinson

Stag Sprite                                     Alex Hairell




Stage Manager                                              Caleb Durham

Assistant Stage Manager                              Joleigh Burdette

Lights                                                              Karie Taylor

                                                                       Taylor Bearden

Sound                                                             Lilly Williams

Running Crew                                                 Penny Williams

                                                                        Cal Domingue

Scenic Artist                                                    Cal Domingue

Dance Choreography                                     Mackenzie Aguilar

                                                                        Paula Swanson

Director                                                           Amanda Heinold

Light Design                                                    Nick Joslyn


A bit about the play:

King Stag was originally written and produced by Carlo Gozzi in the 18th century and has seen many adaptations and translations since. The play is performed in the style of Commedia dell’arte, a form of Italian street theatre popularized by troupes in the 16th century and beyond. Commedia is known for it’s stylized portrayal of it’s characters and for it’s physical comedy. Some characters (mostly the servants and outsiders) wear masks and others (the lovers) do not. The scenes were performed in the streets and the players would often improvise and interact with the audience. So, the audience gets to be a part of the play as well! The comedy is extremely low brow, and the characters are over the top. So, sit back and enjoy the play, and we promise to deliver a fun bunch of pure nonsense!


VEHS Administration


Justin Gabrysch                               Suzann Creager  

Liz Schubert                                     Carrie Majewski  

Patrick Moeller                                Kristin Glaeske    


VISD Administration


Dr. Quintin Shepherd                       Superintendent

David Edge                                        Fine Arts Coordinator

VISD School Board

Special Thanks to the following for donating their time, talent, and resources:

Fine Arts Team

John Bonner                                     Randy Wachtel

Nick Joslyn                                        Heather Williams                                     

Misty Calvez                                     Elsa Pina

Donald Tharp                                   Patty Baik

Candace Coyle                                  Jamie Sainz

Jimmie Bellah                                   Justin Balli          

Carlos Gonzalez                               Chris Hamelwright

Philip Welder                                   Carl Miller


                             VISD Theatre Teachers     


Kathy Montgomery                          Melissa Jecker

Allison Robertson                             Jack Rickman

Sarah Robinson