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Explore AP Computer Science with a short YouTube video!
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Article links below for the current AP Computer Science Principles class:
Mr. D. Runnoe Connally
I teach at BOTH high schools, East & West, so my tutoring time is split between them. I will post times after discussing with all classes.
Conference time: 4th period.  Note: My room during conference time is used by another class (!) so please email to schedule in advance. It may be necessary to find a quiet room where we can talk.
The syllabus for each class are available on each class' webpage.
1st period   AQR in B211
2nd period  AQR in computer lab D201
3rd period  303/TSI in computer lab D201
4th period  Conference in D201 (However, there is sometimes a class in D201 during this period.)
5th period AP  Computer Science Principles at East in computer lab D201
6th period  Drive time to West High School
7th period  AP Computer Science Principles at West in A144
Reading assignments for Computer Science are already available on the Computer Science webpages.
Classroom Expectations
Parents and guardians, for AQR and TSI math classes please remind your student VISD policy does not allow cell phone use during class time (except on rare occasions a teacher requires students to use their cellphones during a particular lesson). Cell phones are out of sight and in backpacks during class.
AP Computer Science Principles will start off the year building actual, real, & running cellphone apps on each student's cellphone running the Android operating system. This possibly could be the most fun class you have ever taken in high school! 
Note: AP Computer Science Principles is a college level advanced placement course. It will be taught at a college level and students are expected to work, study and learn at a college level. As in any college class, there will be homework and group projects. There will be a textbook available for each student. There is an optional additional book used for creating the cellphone apps which is the App Inventor 2. The authors allow downloads of the book chapters, (see the files posted on the Computer Science Principles) but anyone wanting their own paper copy can readily buy it on Amazon.
The AP exam consists of TWO projects submitted to the College Board during the year in addition to the traditional multi-choice question exam in May. This course is different than any other AP class. It was created and written by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and given to the College Board. It is primarily project and activity oriented, not lecture.