Victoria East High School

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Coach Chanti Tilley
361-788-2820 Room: B210
Conference: 6th period
1st Period- Algebra 1
2nd Period- Algebra 1
3rd Period- Algebra 1
2nd Lunch
4th Period- Algebra 1
5th Period- PLC
6th Period- Conference
7th Period- Algebra 1
After School- Swimming & Diving
Assistant Coach VEHS
Coach Tilley's Tutoring Time:
Tue & Wed 7:50 AM to 8:20 AM



Course Outline:

Algebra 1

Unit 1-Linear Expressions,Equations, and Inequalities

Unit 2-Introduction to Functions and Arithmetic Sequences

Unit 3-Investigation of Linear Functions and Inequalities

Unit 4-Applications of Linear Functions 

Unit 5-Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities 

Unit 6- Exponent Rules

Unit 7- Investigation and Application of Exponential Functions and Geometric Sequences 

Unit 8- Polynomial & Factoring

Unit 9- Quadratics: Graphing and Writing

Unit 10- Quadratics: Solving


Midterms: Dec. 18 to Dec. 20 Finals: May 22 to May 24


Classroom Goals

To be able to demonstrate higher-order questioning strategies and thinking.

To be engaged in class each and every day.

To be able to use CHAMPS properly and efficiently for every task given.


Guidelines for Success

Student team building exercises will encourage students to get to know one another and help students work together as a team.

Small groups will help students be able to work together in a small but purposeful group.

Group discussion will help students be successful while encouraging students to join in on the discussion at hand.

Student debates over mathematical topics are not only fun, but they make for an engaging classroom and a successful topic rundown.

Independent work will help students learn how to work independently and on their own while learning how to be responsible for their own work and behavior.

All these will help in the student success for this class. Their success depends on how much effort they put in. You get out what you put in.



Students will take notes, have a binder to keep up with, have to learn how to use the TI-83/84 calculator, have to learn how to work together as a group, and with random students each time, also students will have to learn how to work independently, and learn how to work using CHAMPS, also students will sometimes have homework to complete and they must turn that in. Students will also complete the Algebra 1 STAAR EOC this year.



Classroom Policies

1. RESPECT ~ Respect is mandatory in my classroom at all times. Give respect to get respect.

2. The bell does not dismiss you…I DO.

3. Use the bathroom BEFORE class, because you can’t go ten minutes in to class, ten minutes out from class ending and you can’t go during my instructions time so plan ahead.

4. Come to class with a positive attitude and be willing to help those around you. You learn best while teaching others. True fact.

5. Come to class prepared. Period.

6. There is a method to my madness, but FAIR and CONSISTENCES is how I operate. I am fair and I am consistent. I follow the rules that VISD has set forth as well and the rule that I have for my own classroom. I a stickler for them. Call it the “Sergeant” in me or the “Coach” in me but I do not tolerate nothing less. I am disciplined, I am repetitive but it is how you will learn. I can promise you that once you see how things operate you will understand. The more we go over something, (i.e. lessons, rule) the more you will learn/know them.

7. I do not deviate from my rules. I keep it fair, I keep it consistent. For these reasons, this is why I am usually known as a well-respected teacher… usually not so much the favorite (though most times I am a favorite ) but I am well respected because of being fair and consistent and the kids actually learn things that they need to know for their STAAR test. And yes, to answer this question because it comes up many times…. I am fair in all counts of my class including grades.

8. The GLUTEN FREE Rule: You WILL RESPECT this rule at all times, all year long. I have BIG rules for a reason. I stress all year, my “biggies”, RESPECT, FAIR & CONSISTENCE and GLUTEN FREE. I have a SERIOUS medical issue called Celiac Disease. It’s an autoimmune disease to where I cannot consume (eat) or come into cross contamination (have to be VERY careful about touching, smelling, sniffing, etc.) GLUTEN containing things. Well, Gluten is in just about everything there is!! So I ask that you keep CLEAN hands, NO food or drinks in the classroom (unless they are allowed per school policy AND they are gluten free). (Gluten is basically found in everything that is made up of wheat, rye and barley, so its pasta, flour, candy, like 85% of the food that you eat every day, it is on almost all perfumes, soaps, and beauty products, self-hygiene items even toothpaste and envelopes! I will just do my part and keep the cleanest room I can!! (OCD helps!) All I ask is that you ask if you all have any questions (parents included) and as the year goes on, you will learn what is and what is not okay.) Just the best thing there is that you all can do is wash those hands before you come to my class, especially if you have me after lunch!



1) Pencils

2) 1 ½” to 2” Binder

3) Loose-leaf lined paper

4) Pack of AAA batteries for your Calculator

5.) Divider tabs


Cell Phone Policy:

 Students may use cellphones before and after school, during lunch, and during passing periods.

 Students may not use cellphones during classroom instructional time, unless the “Cell Phone in Use” signage is posted and the student is using the  cellphone for the specified instructional purpose.

 Students may not use earbuds during classroom instructional time.


Grading Policy:

o Tests & Major Project Grade– 50%

o Homework, Daily Grades– 25%

o Quizzes & Minor Project Grades--25%


Late Work:

The student will have the opportunity to submit work up to three days after the due date with a penalty of 10 points per day.


Failed Assignments or Tests:

The student must redo and assignment or retake a test within five school days of receiving the failing grade.

The student will be allowed to redo an assignment or retake a test for which they received a failing grade in order to receive a maximum grade of 70 points.

The teacher will record the higher of the two grades; maximum of a 70.


Demerit Policy

Any violation of classroom or school expectations can result in a demerit.

 4 Demerits = Lunch Detention


Tardy Policy: Class starts when the bell rings. Classroom doors will be locked. Students must get a tardy slip to enter classroom.

 Report to closest AP suite

 Offense documented

 Student will return to class with ticket

 Demerit Issued

 4 Demerits = Lunch Detention


Titan Ticket: Hallway Pass


§ Must have ID badge at all times with Titan Ticket on back

§ Will not be allowed to leave class without an ID badge

§ Will be issued a total of 24 hallway passes each 9 weeks for all 7 classes combined

§ Will not be allowed to leave class first 10 minutes

§ Will not be allowed to leave class last 10 minutes

§ Should utilize passing periods efficiently


CHEATING / PLAGIARISM / ACADEMIC DISHONESTY Copying another person’s work, such as homework, class work, or a test, is a form of cheating. The use of electronic devices, such as cell phones, in the classroom and in testing situations may cause suspicion of cheating. (See Electronic Devices and Technology Resources) Plagiarism, which is the use of another person’s original ideas or writing as one’s own without giving credit to the true author, will also be considered cheating and the student will be subject to academic disciplinary action that may include loss of credit for the work in question. Teachers who have reason to believe that a student has engaged in cheating or other academic dishonesty will assess the academic penalty to be imposed. Students found to have engaged in academic dishonesty will be subject to disciplinary consequences as well, according to the Student Code of Conduct. [For more information, see Honor Code Regulation EIA found at VISD Student Handbook