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Current Dual Credit Students


Dual Credit Opportunities 

Dual Credit Enrollment is an educational program designed to enable high school students to enroll in courses that receive both college and high school credits simultaneously. Dual Credit Enrollment is a great way for high school students to get a jump start on their college education.





**Dual Credit Students: Classes begin August 19th. Need help getting ready or have questions on what to do next? Check out the information below and contact Ms. Koebrick if you have any questions!**






Current Dual Credit Students


  • Spring 2019 Dual Credit Information: 
    • Make sure to turn in all missing documents to the Career and College Center. Documents can be completed online or downloaded on the right side of this web-page. Possible missing documents may include:
      • Dual Credit Contract - Required for all DC students.
      • Updated Contact Information Form - Ensures effective communication with student & parent/ guardian on Dual Credit matters.
      • Bacterial Meningitis Shot Record - Required for all DC students taking face to face courses.
      • FERPA Form -  **Optional - Ensures parents have access to students academic records, payments and other important information. FERPA must be completed by the student, not the guardian!
      • Online Dual Credit Agreement Form - Required for all DC students.
        • Complete the online form here.
      • Credit by Exam Form - Needed if student has taken & passed an AP Exam or wishes to earn a college credit via SAT or ACT scores.
    • Last day to drop a Spring 2019 class is April 3rd.
      • How to drop a course:
        • Pirate Portal > Student Resources menu > Advising & Counseling Services link > Online Drop Request Form
      • Not sure how? Click on the "How to Schedule your Finals" document on the right side of the screen!
  • Fall 2019 Dual Credit Information:
    • Confirm your class(es) and complete all checklist items before April 19th with Ms. Koebrick and your counselor. If you do not confirm your courses with Ms. Koebrick or have missing items, you will not be registered.
    • Registration begins April 22nd.
    • The dual credit payment deadline is August 9th at 5:00pm! You must pay your balance in full or be on a payment plan with VC. All unpaid classes will be dropped if not paid by the payment due date and time.
      • How to Pay:
        • PAY ONLINE - Pirate Portal > Payments folder > Make/Manage Payments
        • PAY IN PERSON:
          • Payments Office, Main Campus
          • (361) 485-6840
          • Monday–Thursday • 7:30 a.m.–6 p.m. and Friday • 7:30 a.m.–5 p.m.
        • PAYMENT PLANS - Once you have been registered for classes, you can enroll in a payment plan to secure your classes (Pirate Portal > Payments folder > Make/Manage Payments > Payment Plans > Enroll). A $20 nonrefundable fee is required to enroll in a payment plan. Before you submit a payment in a payment plan, a schedule of payment deadlines and amounts due will be provided. A $25 late fee will be charged for each payment that is not received by the due date. Payment plans are available online in the Pirate Portal or in person at the Payments Office or the VC
    • Last day to drop and receive a 100% refund is August 16th.
    • Classes begin on Monday, August 19th.
    • Check out the Additional Resources and Information section below to learn more about your schedule, Pirate Portal, scheduling exams, tutoring and more!
  • Additional Resources and Information
    •  Access your Pirate Portal - Once you have been registered for your course, you will need to access your Pirate Portal to see your schedule, make payments, access online portions of your course, access your email and other resources. Follow the steps below to access your student portal:
      •  Go to the Victoria College homepage ( and click on "Pirate Portal" in the top-right corner of the screen.
      • Click "Retrieve or reset your username and password" > "First time student/employee? Get your username and password here"
      • Complete the requested information.
      • The system will then give you your V number (Student ID/ Username) and your password.
      • You can now log in to Pirate Portal.
      • Need help? Watch the Pirate Portal tutorial video here.
      • For additional assistance with Pirate Portal, please contact the VC Help Desk at (361) 582-2509
    • Get familiar with CANVAS - Students who have online courses will access their class through CANVAS which is located on the left-hand side of your Pirate Portal. In CANVAS you will see all course content related to your course. Students that have a face to face course with a virtual Friday may need to log on to CANVAS to complete assignments on these days. (The content posted for your course and assignments required for your course are at the full discretion of the instructor). Each course will have different content (videos, readings, lectures, etc.) that is specific to that course and that instructor.
    • Read your Syllabus - Each course will have a syllabus that outlines the rules and expectations of the course. Fully read the syllabus prior to beginning any course to learn about expectations, rules, required books and materials, assignments, test requirements, instructor office hours and other important information and resources related to the course.
    • Find and look over your schedule(Pirate Portal > My Class Schedule & Grades folder > My Class Schedule)
      • Helpful Hints:
        •  Schedule Terminology - MW (Monday & Wednesday), TR (Tuesday & Thursday), F (Friday), TBA (Online Component)
        • Buildings - Click on our campus map here to see what building your class is in.
    • Schedule your exams in advance at the testing center as required by your instructor(s) - You can make your exam appointment with the VC Testing Center here.
    • For information on the Tutoring Center, click the following link - Tutoring Center Info
**Should you have any questions while completing any items, please contact Ms. Koebrick directly**

 Contact Information

Ms. Bailey Koebrick

Victoria East Career & College Coach

 361.788.2820 ext 38652