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Test Info for PSAT, SAT, ACT, & TSI

Here's your go to guide for test dates, registration deadlines, and other information regarding testing for the PSAT, SAT, ACT, & TSI !!!!

College Admissions Exam

Colleges now accept your ACT or SAT scores interchangeably. This means that you have the opportunity to decide on which test you'll perform better on. You can visit the ACT website (ACT Exam) or CollegeBoard website (SAT Exam), to become more familiar with the format of each exam to choose which one is right for you. Always be sure you share your exam scores with your top school choices so you can complete that admissions requirement. Think you qualify for an exam waiver? Come visit your College and Career Coach for more information. 


Institutions within the state of Texas may also accept the TSI (Texas Success Initiative) exam as well as the SAT and/ or ACT. Double check with your school of choice to see if TSI may be an option for you!


***Here are some free guides that can help you prep for each exam!***

SAT Student Guide

ACT Student Guide

TSI Student Practice Questions

TSI Online Practice




Free Test Prep Provided by Chegg

SAT Test Prep

Top 50 Strategies for SAT Test Day

ACT Test Prep

Top 50 Strategies for ACT Test Day





***Ready to register for an exam? Look below for information on what you need to do to sign up!***