Ballet Folklorico

Ballet Folklorico is taught at VEHS Feeder campuses Howell Middle School and Stroman Middle School.

See information for middle school campuses below.

Ballet Folklorico:  Performer in a red dress dancing.

Ballet Folklorico:  Perfomer Dancing in a Blue dress

Ballet Folklorico:  Performer Dancing in a white dress.

Mrs. Elsa Pina

Mrs. Elsa Pina

Elsa Piña  

Victoria East HS:  361-788-2820  Ext. 38163

Stroman MS:  361-578-2711

Howell MS:  361-578-1561 Ext. 31302

Conference Period:  12:38-1:28 pm 

Tutorials:  Non-Applicable due to schedule

Daily Schedule

1st Period:  Victoria East HS Color Guard/Winterguard Co-Teach

2nd Period: VEHS Dance Foundations 1-4 Co-Teach

3rd Period: Victoria East HS Ballet Folklorico (Travel after class)

4th Period:  Stroman Middle School Foundations of Dance

5th Period:    Lunch, Travel, Conference

6th Period:  Howell Middle School Foundations of Dance

7th Period:   Travel to scheduled campus for After School Folklorico