Titan Powerlifting Region 5 5A Division 1 Champs

The Victoria East High School Girls Powerlifting Team traveled to regionals in Edinburg, Texas where the team placed first as the Region 5 5A Division 1 Champion.

East Powerlifting competed against 26 teams for a place at state on March 18, 2023, in Frisco, Texas.

Alyssa Sauceda, senior made several regional records including the regional bench record of 290 pounds, regional deadlift record of 440 pounds, and a regional total record of 1,210 pounds. 

“It’s been a long process to get where we are and accomplish what we did,” said East Wresting Coach Marcus Hernandez. “This season has been one big puzzle and each week these ladies trusted the plan they were given, and we pieced it all together to put us in the best possible situations yesterday. At the beginning of the year, I told the kids, 'You be the best you, and I’ll make the best of us,' and that is exactly what they have done all year.” Hernandez continued, “I can’t stress enough how grateful I am to have these girls come together and bring this award home. Not only is it a big win for Victoria East and VISD Athletics, but it’s an even bigger win for powerlifting in our area. I’m proud of what these ladies have accomplished thus far, but it’s time to get back to work and finish the puzzle in Frisco.”

We are #VISDProud of these athletes!


Yaneiris Maldonado, 6th Place 132 lbs Weight Class

Alessandra Hernandez, 9th Place 259+ Weight Class

Faith Sanchez, 13th Place 105 lbs Weight Class


Aaliyah Izaguirre, 3rd Place 97 lbs Weight Class

Avery Cano, 4th Place 97 lbs Weight Class

Jovanna Hernandez, 4th Place 105 lbs Weight Class

Maddisin Ruiz, 2nd Place 114 lbs Weight Class

      -Best Lightweight Deadlift (345 lbs)

Jayla Hernandez, 6th Place 123 lbs Weight Class

Natalie DeLosSantos, 10th Place 123 lbs Weight Class

Zandra Martinez, 3rd Place 148 lbs Weight Class

Mylie Martinez, 3rd Place 181 lbs Weight Class

Alyssa Sauceda- 1st Place 181 lbs Weight Class

      -Best Heavyweight Squat

      -Best Heavyweight Bench

      -Best Heavyweight Deadlift

      -Best Heavyweight Total

      -Regional Deadlift Record (440 lbs)

      -Regional Bench Record (290 lbs)

      -Regional Total Record (1210 lbs)

Mia Lopez, 5th Place 198 lbs Weight Class

Christen Hernandez, 2nd Place 198 lbs Weight Class

Olivia Zboral, 3rd Place 220 lbs Weight Class

Genesis Rodriguez, 4th Place 259+ Weight Class