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On Thursday, May 12, and Friday, May 13, Victoria East High School (VEHS) students will participate in Shattered Dreams. Shattered Dreams is held every year alternating between Victoria East and Victoria West High Schools. Due to COVID, the last event was held in 2018.

Shattered Dreams is a nationally recognized educational experience that shows juniors and seniors the dangers associated with drinking and driving. High schools nationwide participate in Shattered Dreams.

“This is very realistic,” said VEHS Principal Justin Gabrysch. “Students don’t think this could happen to them, so this event is a sobering lesson that teaches students, shows students, and for students participating, they experience the dangers of drunk driving.”

Throughout the day, the Grim Reaper will enter a classroom every 15 minutes and select a student or teacher victim, known as the “living dead.” The 15-minute intervals represent how often someone was killed in an alcohol-related accident. As students are pulled from class, a police officer will read each student's obituary written by their parents.

A staged crash with full emergency response for the Victoria Police Department (VPD) and Victoria Fire Department (VFD) occurs during the day on Thursday, May 12. While juniors and seniors watch emergency personnel will respond to the scene. The “victims” will be transported by ambulance and PHI Air Medical to local hospitals, while the “deceased” will be transported to Rosewood Funeral Home. 

On Friday, a ”memorial service” will beheld with speakers from VPD and Victoria County Sheriff's Office.