VEHS received grant

Victoria East High School (VEHS) is excited to announce that they have received a $10,000 grant from the H-E-B Tournament of Champions (TOC) to support the VEHS Fine Arts Department. This donation will provide the campus with six new iMacs and software for each computer.

Mrs. Sainz, a VEHS art teacher who applied for the grant, said, “Students will gain experience using top-of-the-line technology that colleges use in their art degree programs and creative professionals use in the corporate world. All of our fine art students at East are encouraged to come and sign up for a time to use the computers to create professional-looking posters, fliers, banners, infographics, etc., for their programs.” 

The VISD Fine Arts program offers students support through unique opportunities for them to discover and nurture their passions and opportunities for competitions that promote personal growth.

Thank you, H-E-B TOC, from the bottom of our hearts, for helping us provide this opportunity for our students!