visd school matters titan/warrior media production

Lights, Camera, Get in on the Action!

There’s a new way for Victoria stakeholders to learn about what’s happening on campus… and it’s coming straight from VISD students at East and West High Schools.

We are super proud to introduce Titan/Warrior Media Production, which produces Victoria East High School’s Titan TV and Victoria West High School’s Warrior Watch. 

So what is Titan/Warrior Media Production, and what are these students doing? Well, I’m glad you asked! 

The Victoria ISD Communications Department, through the VISD Education Foundation, was awarded two $5,000 grants to create student video production clubs. These clubs are providing students a chance to learn first-hand how to create and produce a television series for the community that showcases what is happening on our campuses and the opportunities available for all students throughout VISD! 

Students are able to use the latest technology and accessible applications to produce the show. 

Camera operators use smartphones and iPads to capture footage in various locations as correspondents interview subjects and talk about different programs. These students have access to tripods and video accessories such as microphones, lenses, and lights. Kids love filming because they get to go behind the scenes for each show: from facilities to featured programs, schools to sidelines. Correspondents also help come up with interview questions and develop their communication skills. They get to discover stories from their peers and experience some of the many amazing programs offered across the district. 

Once all the recording is finished, editors use an iPad app to put the program together. Their creativity shines through their shot selection, video overlays, and music tracks. We even incorporate a green screen for background effects and graphics! These apps are similar to many of the content creation platforms they are already familiar with. All background music is also produced in-house, and students get to learn how to produce tracks using software and virtual instruments. Start to finish, VISD students are the driving force behind this creative project.

The VISD Communications Department is continuously looking at different avenues to share what opportunities are available to students in VISD. Through Titan/Warrior Media Production, students are given a platform to share their experiences participating in various programs, and what campus life is like in VISD. This platform provides parents and community members with a different perspective outside of press releases, School Matters columns, and other district-produced news and announcements.

Students are two episodes in and are working hard to capture all the amazing campus traditions associated with Battle of the Boot: the East/West cross-town football rivalry game.

Each episode will highlight an Athletic or Fine Arts organization, highlight an education program, and showcase on-campus student organizations. Viewers will see students interviewing their peers and teachers, maybe participating in sports they’ve never tried, or visiting other campuses in the District to showcase pathways that start at the elementary level and progress through secondary campuses. 

The inaugural episode aired on Saturday, September 17, on the CW. For the year-long schedule, visit Episodes can also be viewed on the Victoria ISD YouTube channel (make sure you SUBSCRIBE!) and the VTV15!

Ashley Scott is the executive director of communications and public relations for Victoria ISD.