Titan Family, 

The Victoria ISD administration along with the Victoria East High School campus administration would like to share information with our East families regarding an ongoing sewer issue the campus began experiencing in December.

VEHS began experiencing clogged sewer lines in some of the first-floor restrooms. The District Maintenance Department plumbers and contractors have been able to determine the primary cause of the clogged sewer lines is inappropriate objects being intentionally thrown into the commodes in student restrooms. 

The continuation of these actions has created a situation in which clogged sewer lines are having to be cleared every day by outside contractors. The objects they are pulling from the lines include water bottles, tee shirts, socks, vape pens, and other foreign objects. 

The situation has understandably overextended the work efforts of our plumbing crew. VEHS custodians are disproportionately confining their work activities to cleaning up the filth which has emanated from backed-up sewer lines. 

It is important for our high school students to understand the consequences of defacing and destroying school bathrooms. Not only does this behavior negatively impact the learning environment for all students, but it also harms the interests of local taxpayers.

When bathrooms are vandalized, it requires school staff to spend time and resources cleaning up the damage and making repairs. This takes away from their ability to focus on other important tasks, such as providing a safe and supportive learning environment for students. Additionally, the cost of repairs and maintenance falls on the shoulders of local taxpayers, who have already invested a significant amount of money in maintaining and upgrading school facilities.

Furthermore, defacing and destroying school property is a criminal offense. If a student is caught engaging in this behavior, they may face serious consequences, including fines and even potential criminal charges. This could have a significant impact on their future, including their ability to attend college or find employment.

In short, defacing and destroying school bathrooms is not only disrespectful and disruptive to the educational environment, but it also harms the interests of local taxpayers and can lead to serious criminal liability. We encourage all students to think twice before engaging in this type of behavior and to instead work together to create a safe and respectful learning environment for all.

The East High School campus leadership will be continually addressing this ongoing matter with students, asking that those who are responsible please discontinue this behavior.

We ask our parents/guardians to have regular conversations with their children regarding behavior and actions in school and with school property and the repercussions they could face by making or participating in defacing school property. 

The District will continue to address these issues as they occur to ensure that the student restrooms and adjacent hallways are sanitized after each episode. We will continue to keep East families informed of any additional developments as they occur.


Justin Gabrysch, VEHS Principal

Dr. Quintin Shepherd, Superintendent of Schools